Residential Panel Upgrades

There are a lot of reasons you may need an electrical panel upgrade in your home. Maybe you’ve just purchased an older home where the wiring hasn’t been upgraded for decades. Most modern home appliances require breakers that can handle 200 to 400 amp rather than the 60 or 100 amp boxes found in older homes.

wired panelMaybe you’re adding on to your home and need a larger panel to accommodate the new circuits, or maybe you’ve had an outlet or power outage issue that has compromised your existing panel. There are also safety issues with old electrical panels manufactured by Federal Pacific Electric Company and installed in homes between the 1950’s and the 1980’s. Whatever the cause for concern, M.R. Stoner Electric will ensure that your electrical panel is safe and secure.

Residential Whole House Electricians

square d breakerM.R. Stoner Electric also offers whole house re-wires, grounding and more. We can service every home and apartment where there is electric service.

At M.R. Stoner Electric, we offer true pricing. That means before we start work on your electrical panel upgrades, you know exactly how much our work will cost you. When you work with our licensed electricians, there are no surprises at the end of the job. You pay what you were quoted upfront.

We’ll schedule a convenient appointment to meet with you and discuss the specifics of your job so you know the time frame and the exact cost before we begin any work. If it’s a small job, we’ll take care of it immediately. If it’s a larger project, we’ll schedule a time to begin once you’ve agreed to the price.

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