Commercial & Industrial Transformers and VFD’s

Transformers and variable frequency drives (VFDs) are an essential part of getting your machinery up and running and keeping it humming along efficiently. At M.R. Stoner Electric, we can install and program your transformers and VFDs, as well as troubleshoot and make any necessary repairs to your existing equipment.

Experienced Industrial Electricians that Keep Your Business Running

Our electrical team has more than 40 years of experience working with industrial electrical applications. We are also a local company, just like you, so you know the money you spend with us will stay right here in the community.

At M.R. Stoner Electric, we offer true pricing. We don’t just give estimates. We evaluate your needs and tell you before we begin working exactly what you’ll pay and then we stick to that quote.

When you need help with installing and programming transformers and VFDs for your business, give M.R. Stoner Electric a call at 919-774-8877.

Our motto is “a customer not just one time but for a lifetime.